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The Holocaust - Echoes and Reflections
This class is offered as an independent service.

Class will be offered *online* starting January 15, 2020

Students will study to understand the Holocaust as a significant event in history with universal implications, and will define the role and responsibility of the individual to uphold the principles of a democracy.

This is a 12-week course using the curriculum Echoes and Reflections, a multi-media curriculum on the Holocaust. Each student should maintain a journal with their personal notes for use during and after this class; we will watch recorded visual history testimony of Holocaust survivors, read first-hand accounts of the events that occurred during that time, and actively participate in discussions of the lessons.

Middle-school and high school students, as well as adults are welcome and encouraged to take this course. Younger students may attend WITH parents (intense subject-matter).

Homeschooling parents may feel comfortable assigning credit for History, Geography, Literature/Poetry, Journaling, and/or English/Language Arts.

Cost is $75, and includes the digital handouts.  The class will meet for 12 weeks.

Holocaust Class
Wednesdays starting at 4pm
Beginning Jan 15, 2020
Location:  *online*

Please use the registration form below to register by Jan. 8, 2020
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