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U.S. Constitution Class
starts February 2nd!

Each student will receive a personal copy of the U.S. Constitution by mail after registration.

The Student will be required to read the Constitution; do independent research; write short paragraphs or essays; answer thoughtful and basic questions regarding content, meaning, and pertinence, and prepare short discussion presentations. For the purpose of this class, Wikipedia is not considered a valid resource.

This Course is 12 weeks long and will be held online, with a weekly video conference Class Meeting (approx. 1 hour). The Student will be assigned homework and research projects, which he will complete and turn in digitally. The Teacher will grade assignments and each Student will receive a Certificate for completing the Course.  

Worksheets & Note Outline will be provided via pdf files.  Student will need to complete some assignments online.

Ages:  Middle school and up.  Adults are welcome to enroll as well.

REQUIREMENTS:  Internet access with a laptop or computer with camera/video capability.  Occasional access to a printer.

Registration Deadline:  Jan. 12, 2022.
Online Classes by Marcie
Class runs from Feb. 2nd - Apr. 27, 2022
About Our Teacher

Marcie Pemberton has been homeschooling her five children for over 20 years. Her two daughters & oldest son have graduated from homeschool, but she still teaches her two sons at home (ages 11 & 12). Marcie also teaches online-based classes, such as Spanish 1, Spanish 2, English Grammar, Writing, the US Constitution, and the Holocaust, which are open to anyone.  

With a deep interest in all things natural, Marcie has been studying and actively using aromatherapy and other natural remedies, and making all-natural cleansers, perfumes, and household products for her family & friends. She also creates beautiful works of crochet, both wearable and decorative. Feel free to chat with her about any of these interests!
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