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Common Questions
There are many people with questions about homeschooling.  Unfortunately, there's also a lot of misinformation out there!  I hope to help clear things up for you by answering some of the common questions about homeschooling.
Texas Homeschooling 101
In this 30 minute video I define homeschooling; discuss the homeschooling law in TX; what's required & what's not; mention common (and false) things some schools are telling parents; and more!
School Refusing to Withdraw Student
A homeschooling mom tries to withdraw her student and the school refuses to withdraw him, continues to count him absent, and threatens the parent with truancy!
Are We a School?
I often get asked how parents can sign up for our school or how much we charge to enroll in our school.  I answer this question in this video.
Where Do I Register as a Homeschool?
Many people ask, "Where do I register as a homeschool?"  I answer this question here.
Is the Curriculum Accredited?
I explain what accreditation is, and how it applies to homeschools & curriculum.
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About the Withdrawal Letter
I talk about what's required in the Withdrawal Letter, how to make it easier for YOU, and what the public school is required to do.

As promised, you can find the links to the letters I mentioned in the video below.
Can I Just Keep My Child Home?
In this video I address a situation/question where the mom has sent a Letter of Withdrawal, but their child is on a "Waiting List" for online public school.